Can Footer Slide Up Ads Increase Landing Page Conversion?

Have you heard of slide up footer ads?

They are these ads that "slide" up from the bottom of your browser. Great way to call attention without being annoying. They are as eye catching as pop ups and overlays, but a lot less intrusive because they happen at the very bottom of the browser - not where you are reading. See it in action here and here.

Footer Slider Ads could potentially help conversion rates because most users are generally less accustomed to this type of lead capture method. Everything I've read claim they do wonders for conversion (they may be biased), but regardless, these ads make the offers very hard to ignore.

Imagine asking for email addresses, zip codes, rss feed subscriptions, twitter follow requests, other lead gen/affiliate type questions... possibilities are endless.

Ultimate Footer Ads
Utlimate Footer Ads
is one company that sells this solution.
They claim to increase subscriber optin rate by as much as 249.84% (Wow!)


- Price $47

- GOOD: Ad display time and text on the ad is customizable.

- GOOD: The only thing you have to do code-wise on your existing landing page is insert some javascript.

- GOOD: They have templated designs (see left) and you can customize the headline, call to action, font style, font size, colors of those.

- GOOD: You can also create an add your own custom graphics templates.

- GOOD: Unlimited Domain License: You can use one license on all of your sites.

- GOOD: Works with virtually all autoresponder services (Aweber, GetResponse and Email Aces).

- GOOD: 2 different Ad Types. Standard clickable and Opt-in ads. You can rotate both types as well.

- GOOD: Customized display settings. You get control over how many times a user sees the ad, including ‘Always‘, ‘Never‘ and ‘Once every X visits‘

- GOOD: Rotate multiple ads to return visitors

Instant Slide Up
Instant Slide Up  is also another company that sells footer slide up ad solutions.
Claims to increase opt-ins by 25.3%, and increase click throughs by 20%

- Price $67

- GOOD: Ad display time and text on the ad is customizable.

- GOOD: The only thing you have to do code-wise on your existing landing page is insert some javascript.

- GOOD: You can insert your own images into the ad template. There are also several templates to choose from. Full customization is another $67.

- GOOD: Customized display settings (show once, or show everytime etc)
- GOOD: Set up is in 4 quick steps that involves uploading files to your webserver.
- BAD: not integrated with Feedburner Email Form.

In conclusion:
I'd test the effectiveness of footer slider ads on a very simply designed landing page as a supplement to a lead/email capture form. It would really stand out and quite possibly look good if the designs match.

As for picking between Ultimate Footer Ads and Instant Slide Up, I'd just go with the cheaper solution to test it out. I've checked some reviews online but I'm not sure how reliable they are since they are probably just written for the affiliate commission.

Please leave a note if anyone has experience with footer ads and know how they perform!

Disclaimer: I've never tried these footer slider ads (although I intend to). I came across the ads while researching testing ideas. After reviewing the ads and learning about it, I feel it's a worthwhile experiment to run on landing pages to increase conversion. I realized both companies have affiliate programs after I started writing. I get affiliate commission if you purchase using the links on this page, so if you decide to purchase please do so through me :)


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Anyone have any experience with footer slide up ads?

Tried to email you at but it didn't work out.

Do you still accept order?

Here is another resource. it provides a free script to do the slider ads

I very much lean toward belief that yes, such footer slider ads would increase the conversion rate of the page. Why not? It's a handful, not annoying yet easily accessible way to get to the essence of the landing page. Isn't that the main purpose the visitor even got to this page?

Lots of succesful internet marketers use ultimate footer ad.
Personally I like this tool because its effective and non invasive.

I appreciated your expertise and sharing your knowledge.

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This is the number one way a lot of big marketers use its called

Great post my friend. I think ultimate AD is better. Thanks for sharing to us. Fernando.

thanks for the info

I think i will have to try one of these for email sign ups. I have one on the side but it doesn't seem to be collecting any emails at all

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