Debt Relief/Reduction Landing Page Design Inspiration Set


American Financial Service:
The obvious goal of this landing page is to get the user on the phone either by having them call the number (that's really hard to miss), or have them fill out the form to be called. 

Design elements to take note of:

  • Family with dog image - common lead gen image
  • Authoritative/ Official Seal looking logo - to establish a sense of trust, even though it's fake
  • Third party logos - again, to give off the "legit" feeling
  • Privacy policy by the submit button - to address trust & potential anxiety by the user
  • Arrow pointing to form - lead gen must-have!
  • Single column form - good usability


Call Instead?
The below screen shot shows a neat way to urge the user to pick up the phone and call. When you mouseclick on the first name field, a layered pop up appears on the left that says, "Call Now! 1.800.724.4065"

I like this! Very smart because not only does this serve as an enforcer for users to just skip the form and call, but it also helps relieve any anxiety about having to enter private info such as email and phone numbers.


Differences in phone numbers:
I noticed that the phone number on the landing page (including the layered pop up) is different from the number that appears on the confirmation page (see below). I imagine this makes it easier for them to  track whether a user calls before filling out the form, or after. Neat. Important thing to consider from a testing standpoint.


Fidelity Debt Solutions
Here's another landing page design in the same debt relief vertical See the similarities? Single column form, official seal looking logo, and third party logos.


And another... Family photo, single column form. This one doesn't have the authority seal logo. They may want to test the logo out to see if it helps conversion.  Strange how the form field label for "state" and "total debt" moves over to the right. They should also test to see if moving the labels to the left of each field helps conversion. The way they have it set up now is weird.



The debt relief landing pages featured above share the following design characteristics:

- Use of caucasian family images
- Use of third party logos
- Authority design elements - "official seal" type logo for example
- Single column, vertical form
- Phone number to call

To measure landing page to phone call conversion, display different phone numbers on each page/step so you can properly identify the process the user took to convert.


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