Lead Gen Form for Seniors: Guidelines & Close up of AARP Registration Form Design

I'm a big believer of studying the form designs of industry leaders.
When it comes to designing forms for seniors, I think AARP's got in it the bag.




Preventing Users for clicking the confirmation button twice:


Error Validation:

Page 2:


Guidelines for Designing Forms for Seniors:


  • Form Field Labels: Right Aligned
  • Form Fields: Fixed width, Single Columns
  • Submit buttons: Right Aligned

Address possible vision impairments:

Accommodate Older Browsers, Computers, and Dial up:
 (slow machines, dial up, ie 6 etc)

  • very light weight
  • minimal graphic usage (3 to be exact: logo, progress bar, and button)
  • Pop up that asks users to only click on the continue button once.

Ease Anxiety / Friction Points:

  • Include a phone number to call
  • Include an option to request a bill be sent instead of entering credit card information.

Error Validation:

  • Make it bold and proud.
  • Don't make email a required field.

Side notes/Questions:

  • AARP used yellow as the error validation color instead of the common red. Perhaps this was to create contrast from the logo?
  • AARP error text says, "Processing Error - We were unable to process your membership request because first name is required. Please check."
    "Processing Error" sounds very technical and impersonal. I wonder if they did testing and that's what worked best?
  • I am also surprised that the erred field(s) didn't get highlighted or marked in anyway. I'd imagine it's harder to identify them quickly on the form.

Source: https://mss.aarp.org/servlet/wppdispatcher?keycode=U5HAC3&packageid=&componentid=&whocalled=promo_enroll


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