Lead Gen Campaign Dissected: ResVLife - Email, Landing Page and Live Agent Experience

Digging through my spam box (gmail filters everything), I found another aggressive email campaign for an anti-aging and weight loss supplement called ResVLife. Here is a dissection of this email Lead Gen campaign form start to the final page of the order form.   

ps: I have a feeling this was designed by the same person who did the Government Grants Creative.

Email Creative:

Email Subject: RE:Try RESVLIFE Anti-Aging Today. Your life is waiting
From: Never Grow Up


Landing Page:


Error Validation:


Payment Page:


Live Agent Use:




  • Email Subject: RE:Try RESVLIFE Anti-Aging Today. Your life is waiting
  • From: Never Grow Up
  • Button CTA: Try it Risk-Free CLICK HERE! ("Risk Free" seems to work well)

Landing Page:

  • Arrow pointed to form with "Risk Free Trial" text. 
  • Right aligned form labels
  • Button text is "Rush my order"
  • 2 security lock images
  • News paper image with headline supporting the health benefits to the left of form. 
  • Image of Rachel Ray right by the form  button and "Truste" image and security locks. 
  • The video links to this YouTube video posted by CBSNewsOnline:  The video is about the health benefits of wine. 
  • Featured below the fold are all the health benefits of Resveratol supported by recognizable logos such as WebMD, CNN, Fox, and Harvard. 
  • The final cta button text says: Get Your Risk-Free Trial of Resvlife. When you click on that, you get anchored back to the top of the page where the form is.

2nd Page (Payment)

  • The second page informs you that you only need to pay for shipping and handling to receive the trial bottle.
  • The form is pre-popped with the values submitted on the first form. 
  • Not sure why "Yes, I want to get healthy with ResVLife and agree to the terms" checkbox is not pre-checked. Maybe business reasons, but it would be better pre-checked. 
  • Submit button text is: Complete Order
  • The photo of Rachael Ray is to the left of the submit button again.

Error Validation:

  • Standard, system default style.

Live Agent:

  • When you try to leave the form, the Live agent chat box appears. What should be noted is that the chat box says, "99cent shipping and handling" Which is a third of what the form said. This is smart since most people probably get turned off by the price (even though its low). 
  • When you click on "CLICK HERE" it just takes you back to the original landing page (the first one). My suggestion for improvement would be to link to the second page if the user already filled out the first page.. or at least pre-pop the first page with the values that were already entered.


Live Agent Chat Except:
(My chat entries highlited in yellow)

Carly Says: Wait! Don’t Leave! My name is Carly and I have just been authorized to give you a CHAT ONLY DISCOUNT!

CLICK HERE now to get $0.99 SHIPPING!

Carly Says: Just type 'HI' or 'Hello' in the space below to let me know you are there.

Carly Says: This is a Ground-Breaking anti-aging and weight-loss pill!

Carly Says: Whenever you are ready, just type 'HI' or 'HELLO' and we can get started...

Carly Says:CLICK HERE to take advantage of this amazing offer.

You: hi

Carly Says: Hi, thanks for chatting with me today...CLICK HERE to get this CHAT ONLY Discount now!

Carly Says: You can prevent premature aging, slow-down the aging process!

Carly Says: Increase your healthy lifespan and prevent cancer and disease…

Carly Says: ResVLife supports cardiovascular health and enhances athletic performance.

You: how do you get 99 cent s&h?

Carly Says: Don’t wait any longer and remember when you order today you will receive Discounted shipping of just $0.99! CLICK HERE to take advantage of this deal right now!

Carly Says: When you CLICK HERE and order right now through this Chat Only, you will receive a discounted price of just $0.99 for shipping!

You: is it good?

You: how do you lose weight

Carly Says: Poor health habits have become a worldwide epidemic.  Start getting the results that you want and your body needs!

Carly Says: This amazing offer is only available through this chat and for a limited time. CLICK HERE to take advantage of this deal.

(the rest you can see in the image)

Landing Page URL: http://www.greatestall.com/ODMzMnwxNDc5fDMxMDkwN3x2Mg==/i3qam4b9/g


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I love this article... You sure are a good landing page designer!

Reading blogs has always been my hobby... I feel so accomplished when i read educative and interesting post like yours, all am just gonna say is keep up the brilliant work

Well don't know whats going on but its not a Good way to do this. in my opinion we have to look again about this issue

You gotta admit, some of those pages are really beautiful. I saw this one design recently, though...it was really hideous. Guess they were trying something new?

I will take a few pointers here and there for my next campaign and I hope I can get some results with them.

Hey, this campaign is great for our fitness and also for our health i thing that Resvlife medicine is a great supplement. Keep the great post.

I love your post, the information and data about healthy life and lifestyle is here;) that supplement will hit the market for sure, its not only for the good health but for your dream body.

I have gone through your blog it was really very informative keeps up the good work going.

It was really a nice piece of information. I definitely book mark this blog share to my other blog.

Nice information Thanks for the share.

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