Does Adding a Video Spokesperson increase Landing Page Conversion?




I've been curious as to whether adding a video spokesperson (or video in general) helps to increase landing page conversion. The best way to be certain is to obviously test it, but sometimes you need to do some research before you propose a test project like that so I did some digging.

Here are my findings:

  • Adding a video spokesperson on your landing page can increase your conversion rates 90% of the time.1

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  • The addition of embedded video and then a video spokesperson on Closet World's landing page increased conversion rates from 0.5% to 1.0% and 2.2% respectively.2
  • Tandberg, a video conferencing company was able to increase conversion on their lead gen page from .75 to 3% with the addition of a video spokesperson.  With "Video Conferencing" and "Tandberg" as a keyword, their conversion rate jumped to 5% and 7% respectively. 1,4
  • KoreOne, an IT Staffing company, was able to increase their conversion rate from .25% to 1.26% for employers seeking employees. For job seekers, their conversion rate increased to 2.96% 4
  • Video vs text landing page test for a Work from Home Opportunity site saw only a small increase in overall lead numbers, but a greater gain in lead quality. 3
  • According to research, over 90% of people favor having video spokespeople on their landing pages because of the added element of trust.1 

If anyone has done any testing on video landing pages, please be kind and share it with the rest of us by adding a comment. It would be great if you could post a url of the landing page too.

Here is a site that offer Video Spokesperson services:




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Has anyone done any testing on video testimonials? Or do you have links to sites that do it well?

Please share!

Check out the video spokesperson actor selection @

Thanks Ian! Your website has a video spokesperson too!

Check out the video spokesperson actor selection here @

Hey your email address in the footer is boucing, whats your contact info?

This is a good article, but the best value website spokesmodels are definitely found at

I always found that adding video helped bump my CTR and conversion rates a lot.

This is an example of a video landing page which boosts our conversion rates

Yes, definately it will increase the conversion i think,

It certainly does. Check out a website called .Compared to other websites its very economical, creative and easy to use.

Having an impressive talking performance for a landing page is a good idea. I picture it as interactive and shot with HD technology.

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