Free Landing page critique

I'm back peeps. I am in the mood to critque landing pages again.

For a limited time, I will offer free landing page critques witih detailed advice on how I think you can increase your conversions. I will do the critque absolutely free of charge if you're ok with me posting it here on

If you're interested, email me at with the following info:


1) Landing page URL

2) Are you doing any testing currently?

3) What are you traffic sources? PPC, Email, Affiliate, SEO, etc

4) What's the curent conversion rate? (Landing page through put)


Looking forward to the submissions!! Don't make me wait too long.


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I have read this blog it is so much good and full of information..
i find this article a great work on consumer behaviour and the approach we take for our business set ups. i am looking forward to the upcomming article of the arthour. i applied some of the principles in my business approach.

I just sent you an email with all of my landing page's info... looking for some optimization tips. Thanks!

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